Mar 2020

4 Shanbeh Soori


The Best Persian Celebration In London

4 Shanbeh Soori

Tuesday 17 March ‏2020@wearelibertine ‏ ‏With 4 Of The Best Dj’s in UK (Persian,Arabic,English Music/ 3 Fire Dancers / 2 Dancers / Djembe Player

‏Electric Shisha ‏& Food Available To Order. ‏

با شكوهترين جشن چهارشنبه سوری در تاریخ ۱۷ مارچ ۲۰۲۰ در کلاب لیبرتین با گنجایش ۶۵۰ نفر و با اجرای ۴ تا از بهترین دی جی های انگلستان و اروپا و هنرنمایی ٣ رقصنده با آتش و ۲ رقصنده بسیار معروف و نوازنده جیم بی

‏‎انرژى پارتى برگزار كننده بهترين مهمانيها در لندن

Biggest Persian Party With 18 Artists


Ali Pishtazz

Babak Rahnama


Dj Feno

Dj Nojan

Dj Yekki

Dj Pasha

Fire Dancers




LED Robots

LED Robots

LED Robots

Persian Dancers





Percussion Players



Club Dancers





The main chamber ‘Libertine by Chinawhite’ is perfect for large scale functions, fashion shows and corporate parties

Key features:
50 FT Led Screen
Full laser and club lighting show
Conffeti cannons & Co2 blasters
Smoke Machine
Large main bar
Discreet VIP bar
Lounge seating throughout
PA System & wireless microphones
Movable tables
DJ Booth

Terms & Condition

Energy Party is an intrinsic part of Club life, bringing Members and their guests together to enjoy an eclectic mix of events, ranging from live performances by internationally acclaimed artists and acts, to intimate in-conversations with notable personalities – there is something for everyone.

Terms and Conditions

To gain entry to Energy party event where we hold our party, you can buy ticket though our website or the night of event at the door, The club will not allow you entry if you simply not have what we have in our term and condition.

A – Table Booking application process:

  • 1) One of our team will get in touch with you to confirm that you’re on the table booking and advise all details for the night.
  • 2) A no-show by an entire group will result in guests not being invited back onto our guest list for any future events. Cancellations can be made up until 7pm on the date of the event – this will not be considered a no-show.
  • 3) Table book fee are not refundable.
  • 4) There are few different type of table booking such as Normal Tables, VIP Tables and VVIP tables.

B – Nightclub entry:

While we are selective in who we invite on our guest list, being on the guest list is not a guarantee that you will get into the club. All London clubs reserve the right of admission. By following the below points, you will be best positioned to have a trouble free entry to the club All guests MUST bring IDs. If even one guest in a group doesn’t have ID, they WILL be turned away.

  • 1) Make sure all your guests are dressed appropriately – dresses and high heels for girls, smart shirts our suit and shoes for guys.
  • 2) Arrive at the club early. We advise arrival before 10:30pm.
  • 3) In the case of large or small groups of guys, they must Come with girls.
  • 4) Don’t arrive at the club drunk. You will be turned away.
  • 5) Be polite to the door staff – any aggression or rudeness will not work in your favour! We have good relationships with the clubs we run our parties in, in large part because of the quality of the guests we bring and we don’t wish to tarnish this.
  • 6) At the door, make sure to tell the staff you are on the Energy Party guest list and show your ticket.
  • 7) You can buy the ticket At the front of the door, which will be 50.00 pounds on 17 of March .
  • 8) Once inside the club, its time to party! to find out more about energy party, please ask any of energy party member team inside of the club.

C – Conditions of sale:

Any tickets purchased through Energy Party website as an agreement between the ticket purchaser and the Energy Party company.

1- Any issues with club entry post-ticket purchase due to the following reasons will not be the responsibility of Energy Party LTD and will not be valid for any ticket compensation and/or refund:

  • Refusal due to behaviour or intoxication as judged by the entry staff.
  • Refusal due to inability to supply sufficient ID and ticket purchase for proof of age and identification purposes.
  • Refusal due to late arrival past the specified timings of the event, which will be specified in the confirmation email and on the event webpage on the ENERGYPART.CO.UK website.
  • Refusal due to unforeseen circumstances with the nightclub venue outside of ENERGY PARTY LTD control.
  • Requesting for refund due to not being able to attend the event within 21 DAYS of the event start time.

2-Any issues with club entry post-ticket purchase due to the following reasons will be the responsibility of ENERGY PARTY LTD and will be valid for all ticket compensation:

  • If the venue or event information provided by ENERGY PARTY was inaccurate or misleading to the point of missing or refusal of entry to the event.
  • In the unlikely situation of cancellation of the event

3-In the event of a ticket refund due to the conditions specified in C2, ENERGY PARTY reserves the right to refund THE FULL PAYMENT. If a refund request is proved valid under the terms and conditions listed in C2 Energy party Ltd will issue a refund request through it’s financial department which can take up to 7 business days to complete, and can only be credited via the original payment method.

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Date and Time

17th March 2020
22:00 PM till 03:30 AM


Libertine Club

4 Winsley Street